Revel in our natural, traditional massage treatment for a refreshing escape after a tiring day. Experience relaxation like never before!


Precision acupressure relieves pain, boosts circulation for a healthier metabolism, promoting an energetic life.


Blend of spa and aromatherapy for ultimate relaxation. Indulge in warm water and natural ingredients for smooth, radiant skin.


Revitalize your facial skin with our treatment. Experience natural radiance for healthy and glowing skin all day long.


Elevate your beauty at our salon. Expert care for a stunning transformation. Pamper yourself with indulgent treatments for radiant confidence.

Simi Fit Studio

Achieve peak fitness at Simi Fit Studio. High-quality personal training for a healthy body and positive energy all day long.

Simi Cafe

Savor delightful moments at Simi Cafe. Indulge in flavorful delights, cozy ambiance, and friendly vibes for a memorable culinary experience.


Jl. Surya Kencana No.66, Selabatu, Kec. Cikole, Kota Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43114

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